Isabell and Luis’ Sacred Elopement in Peru






Isabell and Luis’ Sacred Elopement in Peru

Say I do to my best friend on sacred Peruvian ground? YES. Say I do to my best friend by the honor and hand of a local Peruvian shaman? YES. Say I do with a real Peruvian alpaca? YES. Talk about all the Peruvian magic one couldn’t even begin to imagine, all for you and yours.

I’ve seen eloping as a struggle or hard decision for many couples. The thought process seems to always be the same, “but all of our family and friends won’t be there” being the most common thought. I’ll start by saying that yes, I understand, as I am very close with my own family and have several friends that I would want to be there. However, if this industry has taught me anything it’s that we have to release everyone else’s expectations and fulfill our own. That’s where the magic begins and that’s where elopement was born.

It’s two people coming together in the rawest form of love. Saying this day is about us and only for us to experience as one. It’s something that others should not frown upon for not being invited, it’s something we should respect and honor. Root for their love and celebrate them by sending an intentional gift. Who knows, they may just have a post-celebratory event when they return home!

Isabell and Luis’ decision to elope was not to forego the traditional wedding but to say forever to one another in a sacred space. They chose to listen to and follow their own desires and wishes for their wedding day and what better place to honor your love and path of happiness than Peru? Peru’s land feels cherished and divine. If you’ve been, I’m sure you can easily confirm this as well.

We wanted Isabell and Luis’ “just us” experience to be authentically true in every way possible and that began with choosing the exact “I do” spot. We fell upon the outside of the museum located in Plaza de Armas and immediately fell in love. It met their wish of intimacy and had an energy of calm all over. The Peruvian shaman brought in Peru’s tradition as well during the ceremony, which was beautiful and emotional to witness. He burned palo santo and sage to bless the space, sealed their souls as one with a hand-fasting tradition, and spoke to the spirit guides of Peru to gift them with a marriage full of abundance, health, and children.

Live this moment with us by admiring the photos from their special, special day.

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