Megan and Terry’s Unconventional Downtown Wedding






Megan and Terry’s Unconventional Downtown Wedding

This is it. This is the wedding every wedding planner dreams of. Megan and Terry made my dreams come true with their love, honestly. I’m a cheese ball I know, but it’s true! And you’re about to see why.

Megan + Terry (+ their fur baby Murphy) live in San Jose, California. Megan is from Indiana and Terry is from Utah. They decided to have the wedding in Utah as it was where their love started. Megan’s practice tinder date that didn’t quite turn out how she had planned.

I remember the first time I met with Megan on Zoom like it was yesterday. This woman spoke to my soul and I connected with her on another level. I could not only feel that she was an ideal bride but a true friend I’d have apart of my life forever. And yep, that’s exactly what’s happened. The big day has come and gone, but here we are, still friends rooting on the curvy women community!

The hardest part of their planning process was finding the venue, as they both had a specific vision in mind that had to be met. It’s okay, I LOVE and thrive with couples who know what they want. They wanted the venue to have a non-traditional style that allowed outside vendors, as they were certain they wanted to support small business vendors. 

Now having said that about the vendors, I’ll begin sharing what moved me, because this is where my dreams came true. I was honored to have called in a couple who wanted to take the route of depth; thought + purpose behind every detail of their wedding. I really mean every detail.

First, it was extremely important to them that they worked with small business vendors because they wanted their wedding to be about supporting small and giving back to the community. This made me feel even more honored to have been the wedding planner they chose.

I’ll go ahead and drop these words from the bride, Megan, here: “One thing important to Terry and me is that we actively seek out opportunities to support businesses owned by POC, the LGBT community, refugees, etc.”

Insert my teardrops here. Are you starting to see why I love them so much?

We began to honor this desire of there’s by hiring the catering company, Zaater & Zayton, a middle eastern cuisine business. They had a big role to fill as the food was one of Megan’s top priorities. She wanted to bring a unique, non-traditional cuisine to the table. The reason behind this was to create a different experience for the guests, rather than the typical Utah wedding that locals experience. We wanted to do a family-style dinner, but when the logistics didn’t let that happen, we did a buffet that allowed guests to dive into the food on their own terms. (Everyone licked their plate clean the food was so damn good!)

The next vendor that I’d love to shed light on is Mandy, from The Potted Pansy. She’s a floral wizard and I’m 100% positive that Megan and Terry’s wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without her. One of the top priorities for Terry at the wedding was the design – can we stop and give the groom a slow clap? Because AMEN to grooms who want to be involved.

Mandy created centerpieces that surpassed any Pinterest board. I remember seeing all the arrangements the morning of the wedding day and being in pure awe of Mandy’s magic. She is someone living her life’s passion and it’s an honor to see her work. Seeing the floral installation for the ceremony we spoke of on 3 different meetings come to life was very moving. I’m a sap who always cries when I see drawings and words come to life at our weddings and this install was one I’ll never forget.

The cherry on top of all things floral – it was all donated to the women at the YMCA shelter. Mandy shared that when she dropped off all of the floral, the manager smiled so, so big! She said that it was one of the most cherished moments she’s experienced in her time working floral.

Ready for the next detail that moved me? In lieu of gifts, they opted for charitable donations to 5 non-profit organizations! Are you thinking they’re unicorns? Because yes, yes they are.

Megan and Terry, here’s to you, the genuine souls you carry, and the everlasting imprint you left one me and the future of my planning and designing at Belle Bodas.

All my love.

Photography: Chelsea Fabrizio
Wedding Planning + Design: Belle Bodas Events
Venue: Church and State
Florist: The Potted Pansy
Videography: Autty Ship
Makeup: Jill Marie Makeup
Hair: Kellie Peacock
Bride & Groom: Megan Rudicil and Terry Simons

Wedding Dress: Fantasy Bridal 
Grooms Suit: Jos A Bank
Rentals: Diamond Event and Tent
Paper Stationery: Michelle Richardson Art
DJ: Echo Talent Management 
Catering: Zaatar & Zayton
Dessert: The Penguin Brothers
Cake: Flour and Flourish

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