Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding






Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

What does the term “Non-Traditional Wedding” mean?

While we at Belle Bodas find so much beauty in wedding traditions, we love to encourage our couples to stay creative and look outside the box during the wedding planning process. For us, incorporating a non-traditional style means looking at parts of the wedding that you don’t personally align with or value. Taking those parts to refine and evolve as a reflection of you and your partner’s style.

Is a non-traditional wedding right for me?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to deciding if a non-traditional wedding is meant for you and your partner. The first element is to understand that not everyone will jump on your unique ideas. Most people are very comfortable planning a wedding by the book. So understand you might get some pushback from either friends or family when doing something different.

The second element to consider is your approach to how a non-traditional style aligns with you and your loved one. The unique decisions you make with your partner are a reflection of both of your lifestyles. You are infusing your personalities into this sacred day. Essentially you and your partner are a team in this decision-making process. How you celebrate your wedding day is solely up to both of you.

Here are some ways to incorporate a non-traditional style into your wedding:

Experiential Weddings:

Create an immersive experience for your guests by having a destination wedding. Destination weddings allow your guests to check out of work and be fully present on your wedding weekend!

Welcome Gatherings

Instead of a formal 2-hour rehearsal dinner, host a laid-back “Welcome Dinner” that allows your guests and parents to break the ice prior to the wedding day.

Green Weddings:

Finding ways to incorporate sustainable options in your wedding. From locally sourced wedding vendors to reusable glassware. There are endless options in creating eco-friendly weddings.

Forgo a Wedding Party

Still have a wedding party but consider not having them stand next to you during the ceremony. This will create a central focus on you and your partner during this special time. 

A woman dressed in a white wedding gown. She has blonde curly long hair, has a big smile on her face and carries a bouquet in one hand. Her other hand is holding the grooms hand lifted in the air. Celebrating their non-traditional wedding. The male groom has black hair and wears a black suite and a coral colored tie.

Forgo the Cake-Cutting Scene

If you don’t feel like having the traditional cake-cutting scene at your wedding, do a champagne pour instead! It’s a fun way to switch things up and transition to a fun dance party at the reception.

An image of champagne tower.

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

This includes not only having different colors but having each bridesmaid wear different styles of dresses. This allows each bridesmaid to feel comfortable in what is most fitting for them.

This non-traditional wedding has 4 bridesmaids all in different style dresses. The color palette is pink but they wear different styles and shades of the color palette. Their backs are facing away from the camera, arms wrapped around each other with the bride in the middle. The bride is in a white dress and wearing a long white veil.

Exchange Your Wedding Vows Privately

Dedicate some time before your ceremony to not only have the first look but to intimately read your wedding vows. This not only takes the stress of doing it in front of an audience but allows for a sacred moment between you and your loved one.

A woman in a white wedding dress with a train at the back of the dress. She also wears a white veil and holds a bouquet on one hand. Her other hand is holding the husband's hand. The male husband wears a black suite and a cowboy hat. The scenery is the couple walking through green grass and a mountain hill. The sun is shining bright with blue skies.

Planning non-traditional weddings is something we specialize in at Belle Bodas Events. We get to know you as a couple and individuals, learning your hobbies and passions. From there we create a custom vision of your special day, down to the last detail. If you are inspired by the ideas we mentioned above, reach out to us so we can create your dream non-traditional wedding.

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