Top 10 Things Wedding Guests Will Appreciate






Top 10 Things Wedding Guests Will Appreciate

If you have found yourself here, you’re more than likely engaged and in the thick of wedding planning! If so, congrats! What a fun chapter of life you’re in, planning your day to be a present bride or groom on your wedding day. Next, we are super proud of you for being here, because all it means is that you care about your guests and want to make their experience at your wedding an unforgettable one – let’s dive in!

A good way to begin identifying parts of your guests experience, is looking at your wedding timeline. For example, it all starts with the ceremony, so let’s begin there. The ceremony entails the ceremony statement piece (which is the first thing guests love to look for upon walking in) and the bride’s entrance viewpoint. So let’s get started and answer the question “what are my guests paying attention to at my wedding?”

1. The Entrance

The moment where everyone stands up and all the eyes are on the bride or groom. Whether you’re walking to the altar on your own or with someone by your side, there is rarely a dry eye in sight during the entrance.

2. Ceremony Location

The ceremony is the most intimate part of the day. It’s one of the most memorable and sacred times, where the couple is exchanging vows and their “I Dos”. Decorate the ceremony space with an intentional floral installation and/or ceremony programs that have a special thank you note from the couple. *Pro Tip: hire a trio band for your ceremony and have them start playing music prior to guest arrival, so your guests can immediately feel the experience as they walk in.

3. Food

Some guests come to your wedding not even having lunch, so by the time the ceremony comes to an end most of them are ready to eat! Food is a fun way to introduce your culture as well. Guests love to experience cuisine from other cultures at weddings!

4. Music & Dancing

Good music means a good time on any occasion. Your wedding should be nothing short of that. I always recommend going with a live band. I notice the energy is much higher and it really gets people out on the dance floor.

5. Celebrating The Couple

Your guests have traveled from near and far to spend time celebrating you and your loved one. The best way to acknowledge their presence is to be the most present you can be on your day.

6. The Flow of The Event (organization)

Believe it or not, your guests can actually tell if things aren’t running on time or on schedule. As wedding planners, our priority is to plan for the unexpected, but most importantly keep our couples on track with the timeline. Hire a wedding planner that shows up with a team that will take care of running the show behind the scenes!

7. Bar/ Drinks

Your wedding guests come ready to celebrate the night away with you, so the bar is people’s favorite place to hang out. Whether it’s a signature drink or beer and wine, the bar will help break the ice in the room and get guests mingling!  

8. A Night Off and A Chance to Dress Up

Generally, the opportunity to get dressed up doesn’t happen often for many people. We love seeing guests in fun outfits and loosen up throughout your celebration. *Pro Tip: tell your guests what the dress code is on your wedding website!

9. Personal Touches

Any decor element that is done intentionally and personalized will surely stand out at your wedding. Don’t stress on too many details, rather focus on one decor piece that has a personal touch in either your ceremony or reception.

10. Entertainment

Consider having something to keep your guests busy in between planned events and throughout the reception. Things like a photobooth and lawn games, also tend to be a great ice breaker!

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