Wedding Planning Mantras






Wedding Planning Mantras

We want to know…

Do you have a wedding planning mantra? A mantra can be a word or phrase that is repeated often and expresses a strong belief.

Belle Bodas is all about mindful and intentional design. We are able to hold peace within us as we plan your wedding because we prioritize being present and prepared. 2021 brought the busiest wedding season EVER and this year we have chosen to take on fewer weddings. This is one of many ways we maintain the exceptional quality of our weddings and the beautiful relationships we build with our couples!

A mantra that I like to use when I wake up on a wedding day is, “I am confident and relaxed because I trust the planning we’ve done.” It really is as simple as that!

Construct your own mantra

Creating a mantra for your planning process can help you stay calm and focused through a potentially stressful time. A great place to start is being mindful of your biggest pain points or worries about your wedding. Are you comparing your reception style to Pinterest-perfect images? Your mantra could be, “I will not Pinterest-shame my wedding” or “My wedding is not a competition.”

Is your wedding constantly taking over your thoughts and time? Your mantra could be, “I can ask for help” or “I deserve to rest.” Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you trust and always take care of yourself!

We’d love to hear what you choose as your wedding mantra. As always, feel free to contact us here.

Happy planning!

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