Origins of Wedding Customs






Origins of Wedding Customs

Some say that you have to know the rules to break them properly. So today we’re taking a look at the origins of common wedding elements and sharing our thoughts on how to make them your own! 

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, and something blue.

This well-known saying comes from late 19th century England, and brides wore items from these categories for a prosperous marriage. It represented a good balance of continuity and a new beginning

If you want to make this tradition really meaningful to you and your partner, discuss what you find deserving of being continued in your marriage. If you admire how your grandparents support each other, see what you can use to symbolize that. You could put one stem of your grandmother’s favorite flower in your bridal bouquet. Maybe you’d want to buy a vinyl of one of their favorite albums to play while you get ready on your wedding day!

Garter Toss

The garter toss originated in the Dark Ages, and its history is pretty troubling. In 14th century France, the families of the couple required proof that the bride and groom had consummated their marriage, so the garter was given as that proof. In medieval times, it was thought to be good luck to grab a piece of the bride’s dress. Brides began throwing garters, and even the bouquet, to appease guests and make their escape. Doesn’t sound like a very fun time!

If you want to do a garter toss, go right ahead! If you don’t, then don’t. If you’re looking for a way to make it your own, you could just hand the garter to your partner instead of them reaching up your dress or you can do something even more fun like have your partner give you a silly lap dance. You know yourselves better than anyone else- what would make your wedding more enjoyable for you?

Flower Girls

Since the Roman Empire, flower girls have held baskets of wheat or other plants to manifest fertility for the couple. Nowadays it’s more of a way to feature the little girls in your life who mean a lot to you! Other alternatives for a flower girl can be a pet, your grandma, or a really goofy groomsman who promises to put on a worthwhile show! 

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have symbolized various things throughout history, including happiness and wealth for the couple. They grew popular when sugar became more readily available in the early 19th century. Though it may seem that having other desserts in lieu of a cake is a recent wedding trends, pies or breads were popular way back then too! 

We believe a wedding cake should not only taste amazing, but look stunning as well. If you ever need a baker, we have quite a few that we love and recommend.

Happy Planning!

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