Julie and Nikko’s Mexico Destination Wedding






Julie and Nikko’s Mexico Destination Wedding

I haven’t even begun writing and the tears are already flowing. The love I have for this couple runs deep, extremely deep. Julie and Nikko are one of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I have ever worked with. The love they shared with me was like none other and I still find myself day-dreaming about their wedding day. I’m not supposed to say things like this, but if I could go back and re-live one wedding, it would 100% be theirs.

Every single touch and every single moment was thought about and discussed amongst the three of us. They immediately stole my heart when they expressed why they wanted to get married in Mexico – “We love how we feel when we’re there, we love to experience our love there, we love the Mexican culture, and we couldn’t think of any place better to seal the deal.”

My response, “Well my bags are packed, let’s do this!”

Begin to imagine the perfect vacation at a tropical location. You have a private Airbnb that gifts you exclusivity in all the best ways possible. First, one being the beach. You’re able to walk out of your room, feel the sand underneath your feet, and see the soft ocean waters starring back at you. If the ocean doesn’t jive with your current vibe, no need to worry, as you have a private pool of your own to dip in. The people you love most in this world are right there with you, margarita in hand and basking in the Mexico heat. 

This was Julie and Nikko’s wedding experience. We are always so quick to rush into the wedding day, but its the space around you that makes the wedding day what it is. 

Julie and Nikko’s wedding ceremony was right there in front of their private Airbnb, on their own exclusive section of the beach. No one was worried about other tourists ruining the moment, they were all focused on taking in the special moment that was about to happen before them. Julie had her mother walk her down the aisle (I know, I know, I’m crying too) and it was that moment that my soul beamed with all the happiness in the world. 

All of our planning, all of our meetings, all of our timelines, it all led to this perfectly curated moment. I was there to not only witness it, but I was there to feel it. And it felt like the same butterflies I felt the day I woke up on my own wedding day. I remember seeing Nikko’s face and immediately thanking the universe for gifting me with this work. A work that allows me to connect with and create relationships with couples like Julie and Nikko, a work that gives me the ability to design and live in a constant space of creating, I am so grateful. 

The reception was full of emotional toasts, comida deliciosa (ceviche AND mole!!!), a purposefully designed playlist, and an open bar that had everyone loving on the tequila! 

If you find yourself reading this as a soon to be bride or groom, let Julie and Nikko’s wedding teach you that it’s okay to pass on the tradition. If it doesn’t feel important to you or if you find yourself questioning something, it’s 100% okay to say no. 

Last but most definitely not least, work with vendors you absolutely LOVE! Your vendor team is everything and more on the wedding day. They’re the people who show up to support you in ways you’ll never be aware of, until after the wedding. Julie and Nikko’s vendor team was a true family on the wedding day and having the role as a wedding planner that is all I could ever ask for. 

What a day.

Salud to Señor y Señora Kelaidis!

Photography: Roxana B Photography 
Wedding Planning + Design: Belle Bodas Events
Venue: Villa Kaak Naab
Florist: Oscare
Videography: Sea Love Films
Hair: Julie D Martino 

Makeup: Julie D Martino 
Bride & Groom: Julie D Martino and Nikko Kelaidis 
Wedding Dress: Reclamation
Grooms Suit: The Black Tux
Rentals: Archive Mexico 

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