The Bridal Shower of My Dreams!






The Bridal Shower of My Dreams!

I couldn’t think of anything better to share about my personal life, than my very own bridal shower! One of the special moments I got to experience as I was on my way to being a bride. There was so much love put into this day, I still remember it all like it was yesterday.

I have to start off with thanking my two maids of honor – yes I said two! Didn’t you know that I’m a fan of breaking tradition and doing things how my couples want!? These two incredibly talented best friends of mine gave me the world and more this day & the day’s leading up to it! I am beyond grateful for the way they showed up for me as maids of honor. They were always present and right by my side during the planning journey of my wedding.

I was destined to have a tea bridal shower when I came into this life, as I’ve been obsessed with tea and the ritual of it ever since I was a little girl. *Imagine my two older brothers sitting at my tea table in pure misery and me with the biggest smile on my face as I pour them a delicious earl grey.*

So as you can see I already knew the design direction of my bridal shower from the time I was five. I told my best friends and they ran with the idea! They put intention and purpose into every detail and I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. From the flowers, personal teacups, polaroid book, mimosa bar, & hanging floral installation, it surpassed my expectations and turned out to be something I couldn’t have ever imagined. I felt so loved and like a true queen.

One of my favorite images of them while playing a game that Elana made and titled “Cody says…” where she interviewed Cody prior to the day of the bridal shower and asked him a series of questions about me and our relationship. I too got to play and let’s just say I didn’t do too well, her multiple-choice options were that good!

I love these women with every inch of my soul. My forever cheerleaders, always applauding me and rooting for my wins!

Here we are, almost 6 years later and I’m still beaming about all the love that was shared with me this day. If you’re a soon to be bride reading this post, I highly encourage you to share this post with your maid of honor and bridesmaids, so they too can see how to show up for you. This is a once in a lifetime journey and it needs to be soaked in! Every single celebration leading up to your big day is worthy of intentional thought and purposeful design.

And please remember, we’re here to assist you and your squad if you need help! Send us an email today and we’ll dive into your wedding journey together.

Happy Planning!

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