Top 10 Must-Have Items a Wedding Planner Brings To Your Event






Top 10 Must-Have Items a Wedding Planner Brings To Your Event

A wedding planner going over her wedding emergency kit checklist and planner. It's essential for us at Belle Bodas to be prepared for the unexpected.

If there is one thing to know about us, is that we LOVE a good list. With every event, we are equipped with more than just the basic necessities.

Planning for the unexpected is a part of what we do and a BIG reason we have chosen these items as your must-haves for every wedding kit checklist.

We have our Belle Bodas emergency kit restocked after every event, so it is always ready to go for our next wedding. The great thing is, when you hire us for your wedding you don’t have to worry about having all these emergency items on deck – we bring them all!

Our emergency wedding kit comes with both of the packages we offer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you taken care of!

We love our lists so much, we had to include a free printable version for you to use on your wedding day. It includes everything we put on our list, including space for you to add items of your own.

To receive your emergency wedding kit checklist, CLICK HERE.

A list of must have items every emergency checklist needs. Including goo gone, a steamer, heel liners, club soda and salt. You can download your free printable list of over 40 plus items a wedding planner brings to your event.

What are those must-have items for your wedding and why do we need them?

  1.  Club Soda + Salt

    This fierce combo is a necessity for every wedding because it gets red wine out of clothing, specifically bridal dresses! 99% of our couples serve red wine at their wedding. Unfortunately, we’ve had multiple brides get red wine spilt on their white dress! Just be extra careful when a bride hugs a guest who is holding a glass of wine.

  2. Safety Pins

    We have never had a wedding where we don’t use at least 10! Most commonly bridesmaids need them to fix their dresses; zippers breaking, low-cut dresses ripping in the front, to hide bra straps or any common wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Command Strips

    SPOILER ALERT- Most venues do not allow you to nail anything into their walls, therefore, command strips are a lifesaver. We use them with linens, florals, signs- you name it!

  4. Lint Removers

    It’s important to have plenty of these on hand for the groom and groomsmen! Once we get all the bridesmaids and groomsmen lined up for the ceremony, we walk by each one and give their suits one final clean-up!

  5. Bobby Pins

    There is usually someone in the bridal party who is dancing the night away, but their hair is either falling out or they want it down to switch it up for the rest of the night. This is when they come looking for the Belle Bodas Events team to rescue them with some good old fashion bobby pins.

  6. Altoid Mints

    We have mints as an alternative for gum, as we make sure no one is photographed with gum in their mouth. You most likely already know that it’s not a pretty sight to see someone chomping gum in any wedding pictures!

  7. Goo Gone

    The secret ingredient that helps us save time during wedding day production. Use this adhesive remover to get rid of any sticker price tags. We usually come across them on frames, bottom of wine glasses, bride or bridesmaid shoes, etc. Price tags make anything look tacky, so we make sure they aren’t seen anywhere at the wedding!

  8. Eyelash Glue

    Similar to the safety pins, we always have at least 5+ women that will ask us for eyelash glue. It’s also not just the bridesmaids who forget this, the guests need this must-have item too!

  9. Steamer

    The steamer is always a convenient tool to have. This must-have item not only helps wrinkly linens but a bonus to help some important guests – like parents – who need something steamed last minute. You will run into situations where their outfit fell off the hanger in the car or it wrinkled before family photos.

  10. Heel Liners

    Last but most definitely not least, heel liners! It’s very common for the bridal party to wait until the wedding day to break into their new shoes, another lesson you can take from this blog. Advice your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even yourself to walk around the house with your wedding shoes on to break them in a bit come wedding day! The heel liners protect your Achilles heel from uncomfortable rubbing and help prevent slipping and/or blisters.

Don’t forget to download our detailed list of must-have items we bring to every wedding.

for your free printable checklist.

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