Celebrating Your Engagement






Celebrating Your Engagement

Your engagement is first and foremost about you and the love of your life, but including your family and friends will make celebrating even sweeter. After you’ve taken enough time to be present and enjoy the moment with your partner, here are ways to keep your loved ones involved in the celebration of your engagement.

Engagement Party

Your engagement party should be filled with the people you love most in this world celebrating you and your partner. Schedule it within 2 to 3 months of your engagement. Be mindful when creating your guest list and don’t be afraid of keeping it small and intimate! You can save the bigger guest list for your wedding.¬†Another option is designating a trusted friend to plan and throw your engagement party. This could also be a meaningful time to ask someone to be your maid of honor or best man!

Choosing your Bridal Party

Here is the Belle Bodas guideline for choosing your bridal party: When I look at my wedding pictures in 25 years, will the people standing behind me at the ceremony still be in my life? Do I feel certain that this friend will be by my side through the many ups and downs that will come my way, and vice versa? Being honest with yourself now about who you want to be in your inner circle will save you pain and discomfort later. We encourage you to make intentional decisions out of love, not fear.

How did you share the news of your engagement with your family and friends? If you’re in the process of planning your wedding right now and would benefit from a consultation or the full Belle Bodas planning experience, chat with us here.

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