Get Ready with a Belle Bodas Bride






Get Ready with a Belle Bodas Bride

Behind the Scenes

If you are searching for a wedding fairy godmother who you can trust to make all of your dreams come true, look no further! Our planning expertise allows Belle Bodas brides to be stress-free and present on their wedding day. We are mindful of every detail you can drum up.

An important part of our services is creating timelines. This includes a vendor arrival timeline, a wedding timeline, a groom timeline, a hair and makeup timeline, and a bride timeline- which is what we’ll be diving into today! These timelines and how we execute them ensure your day will go smoothly and efficiently.

Read on to get ready with a Belle Bodas bride!


After a restful sleep, our brides can go for a hike, do some yoga, or just take a shower to get ready for the day. The ladies will gather in their getting ready area (typically their hotel or the venue itself) and the hair and makeup artists will start working their magic! We also make sure that our brides remember to eat something and stay hydrated. Who doesn’t want bubbly and charcuterie to graze on?

A bride has gotten her hair and makeup done, and now looks at herself in the mirror.
We love the hair and makeup on this bride!

While the bride gets ready, we’ll make sure to steam the wedding dress and veil to get rid of any wrinkles or imperfections. Recently we’ve even sewn a fallen cup back onto a dress! These are hiccups that our brides don’t need to stress about. We come prepared with our trusty emergency kit.

A white wedding dress with embellishments on the torso. The straps are about two inches wide and the neckline is a deep v cut.
A beautiful gown, steamed and ready to be put on.

Bridesmaids can put your finishing touches on. We love seeing these getting-ready photos with friends and family.

A bridesmaid helps the bride put her veil on her hair.
Helpful bridesmaids are true gems!


After a fun and relaxed morning together, your bridal party can admire how gorgeous you are! Our brides get to spend time with their loved ones before saying, “I do”. This bride chose to do a first look with her dad and the photos show what a beautiful moment it was.

A bride does a first look with her father, and the father becomes emotional seeing his daughter in her wedding dress.
A bridal party of nine people admire the bride. They are crowded around her and the bride's train is splayed out on the ground. Everyone has big smiles.

Before your stunning reveal to the guests and, most importantly, your fiancĂ©, we are behind the scenes laying out your train and veil just right and making sure your makeup is still flawless. Then we’ll hand you your bouquet, remind you to soak it all in, and send you down the aisle with a huge smile!

A father walks his daughter down the aisle. The bride is holding a bouquet of white flowers. Both are smiling widely.

Now’s the time to exchange sweet vows with the love of your life. A few minutes later, you’re married! Yay!!!

After their ceremony, the bride and groom are walking hand in hand.

Wedding Photography by The Chaserr Photo.

Let’s talk about stress, baby

Did you notice anything missing from our bride’s morning? Stress!

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about setting up chairs, perfecting place settings, or making sure guests are where they need to be. All of that gets taken care of by the Belle Bodas team while you get ready.

Our expertise and attention to detail allow you to be present and relaxed. We want you to be confident from the beginning of our planning journey to the end of your wedding day.

Does that sound heavenly to you? Inquire here and let’s get the ball rolling on your stress-free wedding experience!

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