Addressing Misconceptions About Wedding Planners






Addressing Misconceptions About Wedding Planners

Today we are addressing common misconceptions about wedding planners! Wondering if hiring a wedding planner is worth it? Today we’re going over a few misconceptions that we’ve heard when it comes to wedding planners. By the end, we’re sure you’ll be convinced that your life will be so much easier and your wedding even more special with the expertise of Belle Bodas.

1. A wedding planner will change your vision to match their style

A quick browse through our website or Instagram will quickly prove this misconception false! We want to take your vision and run with it, not squander it. Individual style from our couples is what makes weddings special and unique. From family traditions like dancing with lampshades on your heads to cultural celebrations like a Tongan tau’olunga, we love every chance to put more of YOU into your wedding details.

2. Friends and family are all the help you need

We are so glad you’re blessed with supportive loved ones who are eager to help. However, even those you love and trust have their own busy lives and priorities. At Belle Bodas we eat, sleep, and breathe weddings. There is simply nothing like having a wedding fairy godmother whose only job is to make you happy! Let the special people in your life sit back and enjoy while we take care of the details and timelines of your event.

3. My venue comes with a venue coordinator- that’s enough, right?

As wedding planners, our priority is always our couples. A venue coordinator can be helpful for a number of reasons, but they won’t take responsibility for your other vendors, timelines, or details. A wedding planner is there to execute your vision flawlessly. We recommend not relying on a venue coordinator alone to pull off your dream day. It is in your best interest to let us work as a team; we bring the wedding expertise and they bring the advantage of knowing your venue inside and out!

4. The wedding is far enough off to do it yourself

You may be a year away from your wedding. You may be five years away from your wedding. But please trust us- the amount of time you have will not make up for the expertise you don’t have. We say this with so much love because we want your planning process to be fun and meaningful, not stressful!

One downside to having a lot of time to plan is that you may feel you have too much time to fill. It’s easy to come up with long lists of tasks to do when you have months to prepare, but that doesn’t make planning any less daunting! Having Belle Bodas there to plan and execute your perfect day while you get to be present and joyful is priceless.

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