Why We Don’t Offer Day-of Coordination






Why We Don’t Offer Day-of Coordination

To be clear from the start, our intention is never to put down services that other businesses may offer. We are simply here to tell you more about Belle Bodas and why we do things the way we do. We understand that weddings aren’t one size fits all!

A thought we’ve often heard is, “I can save money by hiring a day-of coordinator in lieu of a full-service planner. My venue also includes a venue coordinator. I only need a little help on the day of!” Well, friend, here is why we lovingly disagree:

A wedding day has so many details

Lots of details = lots of opportunities for things to slip through the cracks. Belle Bodas is there every step of the way to curate your perfect day and we do not forget a single thing! Thanks to our tried and true processes, we know your vision from top to bottom and can execute it with precision.

Wedding planners can actually save you money

We appreciate our couples being aware of their budget! Take a moment, though, to think about the money you could possibly be wasting by trusting the wrong person to run your wedding day. Even if you try to communicate every last detail to a day-of coordinator, either of you can forget things and then precious planning has gone to waste. You are spending enough hard-earned money on your wedding; don’t skimp in this vital area.

Venue coordinators don’t always cut it

The venue coordinator you are provided is primarily there to take care of the venue. They mean well and can be helpful during the wedding, but the services they’ll provide don’t come close to what you’ll get with a wedding planner. Relying on a venue coordinator alone won’t give you the stress-free, beautifully magical wedding you deserve and worked so hard for.

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